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We're pleased to announce the latest app update with numerous technical improvements. Here is an overview of the most important improvements:

Recommendation code integration: We have successfully implemented referral code functionality that allows businesses and individuals to reward their followers with tokens. This feature enables seamless tracking and incentivizes user engagement, fostering a vibrant community within our app.

Comprehensive global city database: our database now includes all cities worldwide. We have carefully expanded our data collection to ensure that users can efficiently locate their lost items regardless of their geographic location. With this update, the app offers unparalleled coverage and accuracy.

Optimized search algorithm: We have introduced a sophisticated solution to improve the search experience. Using advanced algorithms, cities that are close to the user's current location are now prioritized and displayed first in the search results. This intelligent sorting mechanism significantly improves usability and efficiency when searching for specific cities.

Bug fixes and performance improvements: Our development team has been diligently addressing minor bugs and glitches identified by our users. Through rigorous testing and optimization, we have improved the overall stability of the app, performance, and user satisfaction. Expect a smoother and more seamless user experience with this update.

Upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of these technical advancements. We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback. If you need technical support or have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.