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  • Is the app free to use?

    The use of the application is completely free of charge. When you report a lost item, the application will provide a reward for the user who finds the item (Herq token), depending on the category of the lost item.

  • What is HERQ token

    The HERQ token is the currency of the app, which you can use to reward your heroes. You can purchase the HERQ currency within the app, or you can earn the HERQ token by using the app.

  • Can I limit the reach of the notification about a lost item?

    Of course, when posting a lost item, a radius is set to determine how far the heroes will be notified. If you believe the radius is too large, you can very easily reduce the radius, thereby notifying heroes who are closer to the lost item.

  • Can I receive notifications for multiple locations?

    If you want to receive notifications for multiple locations, simply click on settings and add new locations - areas where you usually move around and for which you would like to receive notifications about lost items.

  • Is the HERQ app available on all mobile devices?

    Yes, the HERQ app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • How do I contact HERQ app support?

    You can contact our support team at hero@herq.me or call us at +386 41 964 668. We're here to help!

  • Is the HERQ app intended for use in specific countries?

    No, the HERQ app is designed for global use. We aim to create a worldwide network of 'heroes' helping each other find lost items.

  • Can I use HERQ tokens to purchase items?

    Yes, HERQ tokens can be used to buy items in our in-app store. This feature allows you to gain value from your helpful actions within the app.

  • Who can partner with the HERQ app?

    We are actively seeking partnerships with influencers, concert organizers, shop owners, and others who have a broad reach. We believe that these partnerships will help grow our user base and create a more robust network of heroes.

  • How does the return process work in the HERQ app?

    When a lost item is returned, the owner scans the 'hero's' claim QR code using the app. This action automatically transfers HERQ tokens from the owner to the 'hero' as a reward.

  • Do I need to manually reward someone for returning a lost item?

    No, the HERQ app automates the reward process. When the lost item's owner scans your claim QR code, the app automatically rewards you with HERQ tokens.

  • How can I earn more HERQ tokens?

    You can earn more HERQ tokens by actively using the app and helping to return lost items. When you return an item and the owner scans your claim QR code, you will receive HERQ tokens as a reward. Or you can simply open the app everyday and claim your daily reward.