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Welcome to our investment opportunity! We are pleased to offer you an exciting partnership for our cutting-edge lost and found application.

Imagine a world where the stress of losing something is alleviated by the convenience of an app. Our platform creates an ecosystem where individuals can easily connect to find lost items, making this daily hassle a thing of the past. Our vision is to implement this service globally, and for that we need passionate partners like you.

For an entry fee of only 1000 EUR per year, you can become an integral part of this groundbreaking application. This low cost allows us to expand our search for partners and welcome everyone from influential business owners to aspiring influencers, as well as anyone who is excited and ready to join our journey.

Your investment not only provides the opportunity to participate in our project, but also the chance to lead it in your country. For one year, you will have exclusive rights to run and grow the app in your region. In return, you will receive 35% of the profit the app generates in your region, offering you significant earning potential.

We have deliberately kept our franchise fee low because we believe that big ideas should not be limited by big costs. We want to expand our global footprint and believe that the best way to do this is to give potential investors of all sizes the opportunity to participate.

Our ideal partners are those who have a large reach of users, such as business owners or influencers. However, we strongly believe that the ambition and will to succeed can come from anyone, anywhere. That's why we are open to partnerships with anyone who is willing to put in the effort and grow with us.

This is a unique opportunity for you to not only become part of an innovative startup, but to lead it in your region. You will directly contribute to our goal of solving a daily problem on a global scale. We look forward to potentially working with you on this exciting journey.

Join us now, and let us create a world where no item stays lost for long.

For more information please contact us!
Investor Relations Contact:
Corporate Director Marko Kotnik

T +386 41 964 668
E hero@herq.me"